How To Find a Liquor License for Sale in Florida

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What You’ll Learn:

In this comprehensive guide to Florida liquor licenses, we will discuss:

  • The various Florida liquor licenses types
  • The requirements for obtaining a liquor license in Florida
  • How to find Florida liquor licenses for sale

How to Find a Florida Liquor License for Sale

For prospective and experienced business owners alike, the Florida liquor license process can often seem intimidating. Determining which type of liquor license is appropriate for your business to decipher license fees, figuring out how to buy an FL liquor license has many complexities. 

At Beverage License Specialists, we have established ourselves as the state’s leading experts in liquor license brokerage. For more than 30 years, business owners have turned to us for help in navigating the process of buying, selling, and transferring liquor licenses in Florida. Our experience and dedication to our clients have made us an invaluable professional partner for countless clients. We are proud to be considered one of Florida’s best liquor license brokerage firms.

To help you better understand how liquor licenses work in Florida, we’ve assembled a useful guide to liquor license types, what you need to get an FL liquor license, and the best way to find liquor licenses for sale or transfer in FL. This resource, in combination with our support and expertise, can make your licensing experience simpler than ever before.

Types of FL Liquor Licenses

There are several categories of liquor licenses in Florida, with the two most common being the Quote License and the SFS License (formerly known as the SRX License).

Florida Quota Liquor License (Full Liquor License)

This type of FL license is for a package-liquor store, bar, or restaurant that may not qualify as an SFS (SRX) facility. 

  • 3DPS / 3CPS / 3BPS / 3APS / 3PS quota licenses are for businesses that want to sell beer, wine, and liquor for off-premise consumption.
  • 8COP / 7COP / 6COP / 5COP / 4COP quota licenses are for businesses that want to sell beer, wine, or liquor (by the drink) for on-premise consumption or in sealed containers for off-premise consumption (unless prohibited by local law).

SFS License (Full License, formerly called the SRX Restaurant License)

If your business meets specific requirements (based on the square footage and number of guest seats in your restaurant), and at least 51% of your sales come from food, you may qualify for an SFS license.

Beer and Wine License

Convenience stores, bars, and restaurants that plan only to offer beer and wine for sale are not required a purchase of the beer & wine license and instead the license can be applied for directly through the ABT.

How Many Liquor Licenses Are There in Florida?

In the state of Florida, the county population is the determining factor in how many quota liquor licenses are permitted to be issued. So, due to population, larger counties have more liquor licenses available, whereas smaller counties typically have less. In order for an increase in population to allow additional liquor licenses, the exact increase must first be verified by the U.S. Census Bureau.

For every increase of 7,500 residents in a given county, one new license may be issued. If you’re thinking that this system would make obtaining a liquor license highly competitive and challenging, you are correct. For this reason, Florida utilizes a lottery system to determine which applicants will approved to apply for the  new license(s).

How Do I Obtain a Liquor License in Florida?

When you are looking for a liquor license for sale, Florida allows you to choose from three options:

  1. First, if you qualify for the issuance of an SFS license, you can apply for the special food service liquor license directly through  AB&T. However, because this is a time-consuming and complicated process, many business owners find themselves left with losses in revenue and plenty of frustration – but no license. 
  2. Your second option is to buy/transfer a liquor license on the open market, which is generally the most common approach. For this method, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional team for successful results.
  3. Finally, your final option is to enter the annual lottery for FL liquor licenses. Of course, you’re taking your chances with this method, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll win the opportunity to actually apply for a license in the end.

Every situation – and every business – is unique. As a result, getting advice from an experienced liquor license professional is always going to be an excellent first step.

How Much Does a Florida Liquor License Cost?

The cost of a FL liquor license can vary, depending on several different factors. However, there are options available for liquor license loans. Financing a liquor license is very common, and can be a savvy way to move your business forward while still maintaining your profits in the long term. 

If you need more information about how to get a loan for a FL liquor license, our team is happy to answer your questions. 

Learn How to Get a Liquor License in Florida with Help from Our Experts

If you’re a business owner who is interested in taking your establishment to the next level of profitability, securing a FL liquor license can be an excellent decision. However, the process for obtaining a liquor license can often be confusing, and even experienced business owners can find themselves confused by liquor license applications, qualifications, and fees. 

For more than three decades, Beverage License Specialists has served as trusted liquor license brokers in Florida. We help our clients purchase, sell, and transfer FL liquor licenses, significantly reducing the expense, hassle, and stress involved. As Florida liquor laws and regulations evolve, it can be difficult to keep up with shifting expectations – and failing to comply can result in serious penalties for your business. But when you’ve partnered with one of our experienced specialists, you can be confident that you are armed with the most updated and accurate information.

In addition, we also facilitate liquor license loans to help you finance your license in a way that suits your needs and budget. With the help of our team, it’s possible to achieve your goals and grow your business successfully.

Learn more about how to get a liquor license in Florida, and discover the difference our licensing services can make for your business, when you contact Beverage License Specialists today.

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