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Liquor License in Hardee County, FL

If you own or operate any type of business that sells alcohol in any capacity, you need an alcoholic beverage license. Whether you want to expand a current business with alcohol sales or launch a new restaurant, bar, or package liquor store in the Hardee County Florida area, Beverage License Specialists can help you navigate the extensive application process and determine which type of alcoholic beverage license will be most beneficial for your business.

How the Application Process Works

The application process for an alcoholic beverage license in Hardee County can be a bit complicated. Beverage License Specialists can guide you through the application process.

You will need to have the following documents completed before you can continue with the application:

  • H&R or health approval
  • Zoning approval
  • Right of occupancy
  • Fingerprints
  • Revenue approval
  • Floor plan sketch of your location
  • Personal information for related parties
  • Management contracts (if applicable)

Once you have gathered and completed the required documents, you need to submit them to the district office and wait for approval. Depending upon which type of license you are seeking to acquire, you may have to wait for an on-site inspection to be performed before you are approved for a liquor license. Upon approval, you must pay the associated fee that varies depending on which type of license you qualify for.

What Types of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses Are Available

Different types of businesses have individual needs when it comes to liquor licenses, so the state of Florida issues multiple types of beverage permits. Retail stores qualify for certain license types, while restaurants must obtain another type to legally serve alcohol. Certain types of beverage licenses simply permit the sale of packaged items for off-premise consumption, while others allow for on-site consumption. Some license types only allow for the sale of certain types of alcohol, but others are more comprehensive. The type of license you require depends on your business model.

How To Choose the Right Alcoholic Beverage License for Your Business

Make sure you have the correct alcohol license for your business if you sell alcohol. All-inclusive licenses have higher fees but can potentially increase profits by allowing for the sale and consumption of all types of alcohol. When selecting a license for your business, it is important to consider future requirements by developing a comprehensive business plan. Retail stores typically only need a license to sell beer and wine, whereas restaurants might consider investing in more expensive beverage licenses.

Hardee County Florida

What Beverage License Specialists Can Do for You

Whether you are launching a new business or adding additional services to your current one, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the application process on your own. If you do not obtain each of the documents you need or fail to comply with the specific application guidelines set in place by your county, your application process could be impacted, and the application may be denied.

Beverage License Specialists have both the experience and unique understanding of the requirements for Hardee County, Florida has for the licensure to serve and sell alcoholic beverages. We can guide you easily through the application process and ensure you have everything you need to be approved. We can also offer advice on which type of alcoholic beverage license will be the most beneficial for your business.

If you require a liquor license or any other alcoholic beverage license in Hardee County, Florida, let Beverage License Specialists help you obtain one as quickly as possible. We can streamline the process and make it easy for your business to obtain a beverage license that will make your business profitable. Contact us today to get started on applying for a Hardee County, Florida liquor license.

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