Obtaining a Liquor License for a Bar in Florida

Owning and operating a bar is not as easy as slapping your name on a place and purchasing your first set of bar stools. Beyond the costs of rent, inventory, and employees, you need to ensure that your bar is properly licensed to serve alcohol in the state of Florida. Beverage License Specialists is here to help you with this process, making sure your business is completely compliant. Contact our team today for professional assistance navigating the licensing process.

The Importance of a Bar Liquor License

In Florida, there are several alcoholic beverage and liquor licenses depending on what type of alcoholic beverage you want your bar to carry and offer for sale.

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If you’re unsure of which license is best for you and your business, Beverage License Specialists can help. We also have some general information on how to open a bar in Florida and the other steps you may want to take to prepare to be a new business owner. Additionally we can help guide you in the process of securing funding and loans for your bar.

Acquiring a Liquor License for Your Bar

The first step in the process is to determine the type of alcohol license for your establishment.

  • 2COP (Beer & Wine only)
  • 4COP Quota (Full Liquor)
  • Your location will need to be properly zoned for either the 2COP or 4COP license. Depending upon the jurisdiction, separation requirements may be applicable.
  • File for plan review for a Health Department License with the Florida Department of Health (If no food will be prepared & served) or a Permanent Food Service License with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants (if food is to be prepared & served)
  • File for a Sales Tax Number with the Florida Department of Revenue as you will need Dept. of Revenue to sign off on your application.
  • Include a copy of your lease for proof of Right of Occupancy.
  • You will need a floor plan sketch of the premises sought to be licensed
  • The hours of operation are regulated by the local municipality having jurisdiction over your location.
  • Each of the officers/directors/shareholders of the applicant entity will need to be disclosed with personal questionnaires and if an LLC, then the Managers or Managing Members need to be disclosed with fingerprints.

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Obtain Your Bar Liquor License Seamlessly

Every one of these steps if not properly addressed may cause the delay or denial of your liquor license. For instance, you may find that you’ve applied for the wrong license for your business, or that while you’ve received approval from the necessary business and zoning boards, but forgot to request approval from the proper health agency. These potential errors are why Beverage License Specialists exists.

Why Choose Beverage License Specialists

Beverage License Specialists are the experts in helping you receive the necessary liquor license for your bar. We know the rules and regulations inside and out and can guide you through the process to help you achieve your goal of owning and operating a fully functioning bar. We can review your documentation to ensure it’s all there, help you fill out the application, and determine which license is most appropriate for your business.

If you’re ready to own a bar, Beverage License Specialists are here to help.

Contact us today at 954-369-5858 or contact us here to receive a free consultation. Owning a bar doesn’t have to be a fantasy. We can help make it a reality.

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