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How to Sell a Liquor License in Florida

Sell a Florida Liquor License Updated: June 18, 2024 In the state of Florida, there are several options for alcoholic beverage licenses, each one suited to a specific scenario and type of business. But while there are many resources that explain how to buy a liquor license in FL, it can be more difficult for individuals who are selling a liquor license to find information. As one of the leading licensing brokerage firms in Florida, Beverage License Specialists has extensive experience in navigating the complexities of the processes to buy and sell Florida liquor licenses. We’ve created a guide to selling liquor licenses in FL, designed to help you gain a better understanding of the proper steps and regulatory requirements....


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Borrowing Money Using Your Quota Liquor License as Collateral

Updated: June 18, 2024 Running a bar, nightclub, restaurant or liquor store in Florida is a costly undertaking. From time to time, you will need additional funds to market your business or even stock various alcoholic beverages for the customers. This is where borrowing money using your Florida quota liquor license comes in. The financing option will help you secure quick funding to run your venture. You can use the loan for business expansion or operational improvement. Learn how this financing option works from Beverage License Specialists. Understanding the Value of a Quota License The Florida quota license isn't just a permit to let liquor businesses operate. It is an asset you can potentially sell for hundreds of thousands or...


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How to Create a Business Plan for a Liquor Store

Updated: May 14, 2024 A business plan is an essential component of any entrepreneurial endeavor, regardless of your industry or the level of experience you may have. With a well-formulated business plan, you'll be sufficiently prepared to address and overcome common challenges, manage growth in an organized manner, and make plans for sustainable success. You can learn about the whole process with us here: Whether you are working on expanding an existing liquor business or starting a new one, developing a proper business plan will help you: Demonstrate that your business is a worthwhile financial risk for investors or lenders Define a growth plan Pinpoint key obstacles Strategize how to meet your business objectives In this step-by-step guide, we're explaining...


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The Different Types of Liquor Licenses in Florida

Updated: May 14, 2024 The Importance of Florida's Different Types of Liquor Licenses To legally conduct any business involving the purchase and sale of beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages in the state of Florida, you need to first acquire the appropriate alcoholic beverage license. With so many different types of licenses available it can often be confusing on which one is the correct one for your business type. It is essential that you acquire the correct licensing to ensure you're business is not at risk and is operating within the confines of Florida's current liquor laws. Below we've outlined the basic information on the various types of different liquor licenses available to businesses in Florida, along with some of...


Florida Liquor License Requirements For Hotel Bars

Florida Liquor License Requirements For Hotel Bars

Updated: June 18, 2024 Like any business selling alcohol, a hotel bar must have an appropriate license to run in Florida. Operating without one can attract monetary penalties or even lead to the closure of the establishment. Contrary to regular business licenses, alcoholic beverage licensing in Florida is quite complex. This is because there are many licenses, each intended for various types of alcohol. Moreover, licensing requires fulfillment of many requirements, further complicating the process. Beverage License Specialist has been helping business owners navigate the complicated needs of obtaining an alcoholic beverage license for hotels for over 30 years. Keep reading to get an overview of what this process entails and how we can help. Types of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses...


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Listing Your Liquor Store for Sale in Florida

How to Sell a Florida Liquor Store Selling a liquor store in Florida can be complicated, as you will need to keep many aspects of your business in mind. While there is the aspect of the Liquor License for your liquor store, there are many other factors at play when it comes to posting your liquor store for sale. If you would like assistance selling your liquor store license or buying liquor store licenses and inventories which are for sale, contact the Beverage License Specialists team today. Here are the basics you will need to consider to sell your liquor store in the sunshine state. Valuing a Liquor Store in Order to List it For Sale Valuing your liquor store...


How to Open a Liquor Store in Florida

Learn How to Open a Liquor Store in Florida

Updated December, 2023 Opening a Florida Liquor Store: How to Get Started Owning a liquor store can be a promising investment, especially in Florida. This type of business typically has stable profits, even during times of recession. Demand for your products will be year-round and not rely on seasonality as many other businesses do, and liquor has a long shelf life, so less inventory will be wasted than in other food and beverage businesses. Due to legal requirements, such as licensing, opening a new liquor store and getting started in the business can be tricky. Below we've assembled everything you need to know to open and run a successful liquor store in Florida. How to Buy a Liquor Store in...


How to Get Funding for a Bar and Open the Venue of Your Dreams

Funding & Business Loans for Bars & Lounges in Florida

Updated: May 28, 2024 Opening up your own bar is undoubtedly an exciting dream. If you enjoy going out and enjoying bars and other nightlife establishments, you certainly understand the vibrancy of these spaces. Consequently, the opportunity to manage and design your own space may seem particularly appealing. If you need professional assistance getting your bar off the ground and getting the right loans and licensing, contact the team here at Beverage License Specialists to discuss your business venture. How Much Money Do I Need to Open a Bar in Florida? Determining the cost to open a bar in Florida involves considering various factors such as location, size, concept, permits, licenses, equipment, staffing, and initial inventory. While estimates can vary...


How to apply for a liquor license

Applying For a Liquor License: A How-To Guide For Businesses

How to Apply for a Liquor License. Florida is known for its family-oriented attractions and lush vacation destinations, which might be part of the reason why the state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation issues so few liquor licenses.  For 2020, only 62 quota licenses were made available for applications throughout 30 counties. This is a minute fraction of the 23,655 entries that were allowed to participate in the lottery. The annual quota is determined based on population — only one license can be issued for every 7,500 people residing within a county’s limits.  Quota licenses are just one type of license that can be used to serve alcohol in Florida, though. If you’re wondering how to apply for a...


What is a 3PS Quota Liquor License l Beverage License Specialists

The 3PS Liquor License: What Is It & How Do I Get On?

The Difference Between the Florida 3PS Quota and 4COP Licenses The process of acquiring a Quota Liquor License in Florida can be confusing, especially when you consider how similar the different types of liquor licenses are. For example, a 4COP Quota Liquor License and 3PS Quota Liquor License are very similar in a lot of ways but differ in one key element. In Florida, the 4COP Liquor License grants a Licensee the ability to sell beer, wine, and spirits for either consumption on-premise or by the sale of sealed packages of beer, wine, and liquor for off-premises consumption, without the requirement of food sales. These 4COP Liquor Licenses are generally held by bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or other establishments that wish...