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Acquiring Food & Beverage Licenses in Florida

Beverage License Specialists has for over 30 years been a leader in the industry for liquor license brokerage, financing and alcoholic beverage & tobacco licensing. Beverage License Specialists additionally has an experienced staff to handle all of the licensing necessary to get your business up and running. We know how to efficiently navigate through all governmental licensing requirements including state, county and city licensing in order that your business is compliant with regulatory requirements. Beverage License Specialists takes away the stress and frustration by providing all your food and beverage licensing needs leaving you more time to concentrate on your business activities.

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We Provide the Following Food & Beverage Licensing Services in Florda:

Organizational Licensing

  • Corporate filing with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • Prepare and process an application for issuance of your FEIN
  • Prepare and process an application with the Florida Dept. of Revenue for registration & issuance of a sales & use tax number & Reemployment Tax Certificate
  • Advertisement & Publishing of your Fictitious Name Registration

Health & Food Service Licensing

  • Division of Hotels & Restaurants- Permanent Food Service Licensure
  • Department of Health- Food Service License
  • Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services- Food, Deli & Bakery

Municipal Licensing

  • City Business Tax Receipt (f/k/a Occupational License)
  • County Business Tax Receipt
  • Certificate of Use
  • Fire Safety Inspections
  • Code Inspections

Our staff has the knowledge and experience in processing all types of Florida Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Licenses including:


  • Beer & Wine License for both on or off-premise consumption
  • Liquor License for both on or off-premise consumption
  • Special Beverage Licensing for Restaurants & Cafes, Nightclubs Social Clubs, Boats, Bowling Alley, Golf Course, Beach Clubs, Catering and Non-Profit, 1-2-3 Day Permits, Private Club, Package Liquor Store, Hotels & Motels

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The Benefits of Working With a Food & Beverage Licensing Specialist

Partnering with a specialized organized for your licensing needs, such as Beverage License Specialists, offers an array of invaluable benefits for your business. With over 30 years of expertise in liquor license brokerage, financing, and regulatory compliance, our seasoned team ensures a seamless navigation through Florida’s intricate licensing landscape.

From organizational filings and tax registrations to health and food service permits, municipal licenses, and specialized alcohol and tobacco licensing, we handle it all with precision and care. When you entrust us with your licensing needs, you’re not only saving time but also alleviating all of the stress and frustration which inevitably comes with addressing regulatory requirements. Focus on your business activities while we handle the bureaucratic intricacies, ensuring your compliance and peace of mind. Contact us today to streamline your licensing process and propel your business forward.

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“I called for advice on a Liquor License compliance issue for an event…..They immediately answered my questions over the phone and gave me the information I needed. It’s refreshing to find a company who actually cares about helping people and not just about the dollar. I highly recommend using Beverage License Specialist for any needs related.” – Michael O.

“Working with the Beverage License Specialist team was one of the best business decision I ever made! After owning my retail wine shop for 10 years, I was ready to retire but apprehensive about the daunting task of selling it. Within days of contacting them, they represented my business to prospective buyers and brought me 3 great offers. They walked me through the maze of negotiations, licensing, compliance, lease assignment, etc. Anyone thinking of buying or selling a liquor license should definitely contact Beverage License Specialists.” – Eli R.

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