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If you want to run a business or event where alcohol is sold, it’s important to look into getting your Palm Beach County beer and wine license or liquor license. The process can be a bit confusing or complicated, but it is still essential to be familiar with it in order for the application process to be successful.

Those who are concerned about the process hitting an impasse or the license application being rejected, or who simply do not have the time for this level of paperwork can contact a third-party service, such as Beverage License Specialists, to complete this work on their behalf.

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Liquor License Types Available

There are many types of beer and wine and liquor licenses available, making it important to take the time to learn about each one. If you happen to file the wrong application, your application may be denied, and you may need to begin the process again. This can delay the process, so it is worth learning about each type of license available, along with the associated fees:

  • 1COP
    – Allows for the sale of beer only for on-premise consumption at a bar or restaurant for an annual fee of $280
  • 1APS
    – allows for the sale of beer only for package sales/off-premise consumption for an annual fee of $140
  • 2COP
    – allows for the sale of beer and wine for on-premise consumption at a bar or restaurant for an annual fee of $392
  • 2APS
    – allows for the sale of beer and wine for package sales/off-premise consumption for an annual fee of $196
  • 3PS
    – allows for the sale of beer, wine, and spirits at a package liquor store/off-premise consumption for an annual fee of $1,365
  • 4COP
    – allows for the sale of beer, wine, and spirits for on-premise consumption at a bar or restaurant for an annual fee of $1,820

In Palm Beach, you may also qualify for a 4COP/SFS, formerly known as an SRX license. These licenses allow your restaurant to serve beer, wine, and spirits as long as the following conditions are met:

  • You run a bona fide restaurant. You need to have a minimum of 2,500 square feet of space and must be able to serve 150 patrons at one time.
  • At least 51 percent or greater of your gross sales must be derived from the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages

How The Application Works

The application process for an alcoholic beverage license varies depending upon which Southwest Florida County you are choosing to operate in. Whether your store or restaurant is in Charlotte County, Lee County, or Collier County, Beverage License Specialists can guide you through the application process. Regardless of which county you are dealing with, you will need to have the following documents completed before you can continue with the application.

  • H&R or health approval
  • Zoning approval
  • Right of occupancy
  • Fingerprints
  • Revenue approval
  • Floor plan sketch of your location
  • Personal information for related parties
  • Management contracts (if applicable)

Once you have gathered and completed the required documents, you need to submit them to the district office and wait for approval. Depending upon which type of license you are seeking to acquire, you may have to wait for an on-site inspection to be performed before you are approved for a liquor license. Upon approval, you must pay the associated fee that varies depending on which type of license you qualify for.

New Palm Beach County Liquor License Application Process

Complete Application

First, you need to fill out an application.

District Office Review

Once you’ve completed the extensive list of application materials required for the first step, you’ll need to wait for the district office to review your application.

On-site Inspection

Once your alcoholic beverage license initial materials are accepted, processed, and license issued, an on-site inspection may be required to ensure your location is in compliance with the State requirements.

Get a Team to Support the Process

It’s important to have a professional team like Beverage License Specialists engaged to facilitate and monitor the licensing process for you.  Click here to view the services we offer.

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What Beverage License Specialists Can Do For You

Whether you are launching a new business or adding additional services to your current one, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the application process on your own. If you do not obtain each of the documents you need or fail to comply with the specific application guidelines set in place by your county, your application process could be impacted and the application may be denied. Beverage License Specialists have both the experience and unique understanding of the requirements each Southwest Florida County has for the licensure to serve and sell alcoholic beverages. We can guide you easily through the application process and ensure you have everything you need to be approved. We can also offer advice on which type of alcoholic beverage license will be the most beneficial for your business.

If you need a liquor license or any other alcoholic beverage license in Southwest Florida, let Beverage License Specialists help you obtain one as quickly as possible. We can streamline the process and make it easy for your business to obtain a beverage license that will make your business profitable. Contact us today to get started on applying for a Southwest Florida liquor license.

Are you still early in the process? Click here to view our blog, which answers a lot of common questions!

Financing Your Palm Beach Area Liquor License

While owning a liquor store or restaurant can be a lucrative business, many small business owners may find themselves struggling to pay for the acquisition of the license. Whether you’re in the middle of a financially rocky season or want to hold on to your working capital, consider liquor license financing.

Using the quota liquor license as collateral, our financing partners can enable you to acquire a quota liquor license without the initial financial burden of a large lump sum. Choose from a range of long-term or short-term options to acquire your quota license and get your business off the ground and running smoothly.

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