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If you’re thinking of opening a new business or relocating to Escambia County Florida and you plan on selling alcohol, this handy guide can help you navigate the Escambia County Florida Liquor License process. Even if you’re already in Escambia County Florida, but plan on expanding your services, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success before you even start the application process. There are some important things to know that can help the start-up phase run smoothly.

The Liquor License Application Process in Escambia County

Each municipal jurisdiction (cities and counties) within Florida may have their own specific liquor license regulations and requirements which may necessitate additional applications being filed within the municipality having jurisdiction over your intended location. As you begin the application process, you’ll need several forms of documentation to obtain a liquor license. These forms are consistent on the state level, so they will work for each county that you are seeking to operate. Before starting an application, make sure you have the following pieces of documentation:

  • Full-service bars and restaurants
  • Packaged beer and wine for off-premises consumption
  • Consumption on-premises for beer and wine only
  • Caterers
  • Culinary education programs
  • Hotels and motels
  • Transportation establishments such as railroads, boats, buses, airplanes or other passenger vessels
  • Event centers and performing arts facilities
  • Lodges, fraternal order groups, athletic clubs and golf clubs
  • Specialty and temporary permits

Types of Florida Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco has a variety of licenses available, depending on the type of business that you or your company wish to engage in. Everything from railroad cars and other transportation systems, to packaged beer and wine, to a full bar at a restaurant, all require a unique license. Here are just a few of the types of licenses available throughout Florida:


This standard license allows a store to sell beer for an annual fee of $140. It only applies to packaged beer, so you can’t allow on-premise consumption.


Convenience stores, grocery stores, and other retail stores wishing to sell packaged wine and beer must pay an annual fee of $196. This license is only valid for off-premise consumption.


The most comprehensive liquor store license has an annual fee of $975. You will be licensed to sell all types of spirits, wine, and beer for strictly off-premise consumption.


This license allows for the sale of beer for consumption on-premise at bars or restaurants, as well as off-premise consumption. Customers can drink on-site, but your establishment will not be able to serve wine or spirits, just beer. The annual license fee for this license is $280.


Including wine and beer to your bar or restaurant will cost a yearly fee of $392. Your customers of age can order and consume both beer and wine for on-premise and off-premise consumption.


Finally, for a fully stocked bar, your restaurant or bar will pay an annual fee of $1,300. This allows you to serve a complete menu of spirits, mixed drinks, wine, and beer.

Different Liquor Licenses for Venues in Escambia County

These are the most common types of liquor licenses that are available for both on and off-premise consumption for the sale of beer, wine, and spirits in restaurants, bars, and retail beverage and liquor store locations. Florida offers a range of specialty vendor licenses for other locations. Ask a specialist at Beverage License Specialists to verify that your particular location uses one of these licenses and not a specialized alternative.

You will need to determine the type of alcoholic beverage license that is most suited for your business. Even if you currently only serve beer, you may want to consider pursuing a license that allows you to expand the types of alcohol you would like to offer.

Escambia County Florida

Having a Liquor License in Escambia County Can Elevate Your Business

Nestled along the western shores of Florida, Escambia County presents a unique landscape for businesses looking to capitalize on liquor licensing services. With a rich history, vibrant waterfront, and a mix of urban and beachside locales, Escambia county offers a distinctive backdrop for establishments seeking to provide beer, wine, and liquor as a staple of their menus and offerings.

From the historic streets of Pensacola to the coastal charm of Perdido Key, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in Escambia County can greatly benefit from obtaining liquor licenses. Additionally many private clubs and other businesses such as caterers and liquor stores in the area require liquor licenses to operate. Regardless of if you own a seaside bar looking to complement its panoramic views with a diverse drink menu or a downtown eatery aiming to cater to a more spirited clientele—the possibilities are as varied as the county itself. For professional and experienced liquor licensing services in Escambia County, reach out to our expert team here at Beverage License Specialists.

The Right Liquor License For Your Escambia County Business

Navigating the vast array of available permits in Escambia County can be daunting. Consulting an advisor at Beverage License Specialists can help you determine the best type of license for your establishment. Even if your business only serves beer and wine on-premises, you may have business expansion ideas for the future that include different types of alcohol sales. Choosing a permit that allows your business to evolve and change may be more appropriate from the get-go rather than re-applying for a different license down the line.

Nightlife establishments that generate 49% or more in total revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages require a Quota License. If a business in Escambia County generates 51% or more of its total revenue through the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages, they may qualify for a 4COP/SFS license. There is an unlimited number of these types of licenses available while Quota Licenses are only available on a limited basis based on the population of a given county.

Let Us Help You Navigate the Process

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Buying and Selling Liquor Licenses in Escambia County

The application process for any type of alcoholic beverage license can be long and tedious. Whether you’re starting a new restaurant in Escambia County or opening a new location in any one of the above-mentioned counties in the Florida Panhandle, it can be difficult to find the time to submit a full application.

Our dedicated team at Beverage License Specialists is able to assist you with our extensive knowledge of the local and state requirements. Focus your energy on getting your new restaurant, liquor store, or bar off the ground, and let our licensing experts navigate the application process for you.

If you’re ready to relocate from the county or close down your business, we can also help you sell your liquor license. We will assist with navigating the process to ensure a professional and efficient transfer of your license.

If you are seeking to buy, sell or finance a Florida liquor license, contact Beverage License Specialists today