Acquiring a 13CT Catering Liquor License in Florida

The catering industry is booming, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 4 percent from 2016 through 2021. One of the essential tools in your catering company’s arsenal to ride that growth is the all-important Caterer License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption on Premises – otherwise known as the 13CT license.

This can be a time-intensive process, and Beverage License Specialists is prepared to help make sure your business is fully equipped with this necessary license.

Why Businesses Need This License

A 13CT Florida liquor license allows caterers to sell and serve all types of alcoholic beverages at a catered event where the “licensee is also providing prepared food.”

Without this license, your catering company will be unable to sell or serve alcohol, removing one of the most significant profit drivers from your menu. Without the ability to sell or serve alcohol, you give your company’s competitors a distinct edge.

Requirements for the 13CT Permit for Caterers

There are many different liquor licenses issued by the state, and each one is different. It’s essential that you get the right one or you may not be able to serve the particular beverages your client wants. Caterers typically need a 13CT permit. This allows you to serve and sell liquor as long as you are also responsible for preparing and serving food at the same event. To obtain and maintain the 13CT permit, you must meet a few preliminary requirements:

  • 51% or greater of your gross revenue from the event must be derived from the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Must be licensed by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants
  • Alcoholic Beverages must be obtained from a licensed retail vendor.

Also note that this permit doesn’t allow you to store alcoholic beverages, only serve.

Steps in the Process of Getting a Liquor License for the Catering Industry in Florida

Receiving a 13 CT liquor license in Florida is not as simple as merely filling out an application (although, that is part of the process).

Working with Beverage License Specialists can help make this process easier by guiding you through the needed steps.

Meet the Revenue Standards

A catering company must receive at least 51 percent of its gross revenue from food and non-alcoholic drink service to apply for a 13CT.

Pay State Fees

Currently, a temporary license costs $455, while the permanent one will cost $1820.

Complete the Required Forms

You’ll need to fill out a specific license application, currently a DBPR ABT-6011.

Get Fingerprinted

To verify identity and conduct a background check, you’ll need to get fingerprinted at an approved vendor.

Receive Approval from the Division of Hotels & Restaurants

Before receiving your 13CT, your company will need to be licensed with Florida’s Division of Hotels & Restaurants.

Receive Clearance from Florida’s Department of Revenue

Obtaining clearance means the D.O.R. has approved you seeking the 13CT.

Provide Documentation

You’ll need to include your business’ Federal Employer’s Identification Number (EIN), your company’s certificate of status with Florida’s Secretary of State, as well as your personal Social Security Number.

Provide Additional Documentation as Needed

This may include certified copies of arrest dispositions, mitigations of moral character, right of occupancy documentation.

The Necessary Documents for a Catering Liquor License

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires several pieces of information to be included in the application form as well as a number of documents in addition to the application form. Make sure you gather and include the following and have them ready for submission:

  • Mitigation of moral character, if applicable
  • Hotels and Restaurants approval
  • Department of Revenue clearance
  • Certificate of Status/Secretary of State, if applicable
  • Social Security Number
  • Right of Occupancy
  • Arrest disposition, if applicable
  • Federal Employer’s Identification Number
  • Fingerprint receipt

How to Complete the 13CT Application

To obtain your permit, you’ll need to complete form DBPR ABT-6011. Once you’ve filled out the document, you’ll have to submit it one of three ways:

  • Delivering it by hand to the office
  • Mailing it to the office

Unfortunately, there’s no option to submit online at this time. You’ll have to print the form.

Why Choose Beverage License Specialists

Receiving your liquor license for the restaurant industry in Florida can be an arduous task, but it’s one that gives your catering business the tools to compete and grow.

Beverage License Specialists can guide you through the process, answer your questions, and help ensure that your business is equipped for success. Contact us today! Call: 954-908-6012

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