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Liquor licensing in Florida is a task laden with many intricacies. This is because there are many licensing categories, each with its requirements. Worse, licensing regulations change from time to time.

Beverage License Specialists has been helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of liquor licensing, including deciphering between the different types of liquor licenses. We help process, purchase, sell, and finance licenses, including the Florida Quota Liquor license. Find out a little more about our liquor licensing services.

Liquor Licenses for Catering Industries

In Florida, catering providers that serve alcoholic beverages must have a liquor license. This license is not just a state requirement; rather, it is a stepping stone to profitability. It allows you to expand your catering service offerings.

Even with these benefits, securing the right license for your catering business is time-consuming. Beverage License Specialists use our 3-decade licensing knowledge to save you valuable time and the stress of dealing with bureaucracies.

  • The catering liquor license, known as a 13CT is an alcoholic beverage license that enables caterers to offer beer, wine, and spirits.
  • Beverage License Specialists help all Florida catering companies, including wedding and corporate caterers.

Liquor License for Restaurants

Much like catering companies, getting a liquor license for your restaurant takes work. The process involves a series of complex and ever-changing regulations and lengthy paperwork.

However, with the help of Beverage License Specialists, you don’t have to stress. We are well-versed in the intricacies of applying for liquor licenses for restaurants. Our licensing experts can help you obtain the following permits for your Florida restaurant:

Bar Liquor Licenses

We can help you obtain the Florida Quota Liquor License or the SFS Liquor License for your bar. Since the state only issues a limited number of Florida Quota Liquor Licenses, we can help you acquire one on the secondary market.

Regardless of the license you want, we will guide you all through the application and steps of opening a bar here in Florida. In particular, we will help you understand regulations and assemble the necessary documents. We will also help you expedite the application process.

Beer & Wine Licenses

Florida issues varied wine and beer licenses to restaurants. The experts at Beverage License Specialists will pick the right permit for your restaurant. Then, we’ll proceed to make an application on behalf of your business. Our support services include preparing and submitting documents and making an application. We will also do follow-ups till you get your license.

Additional Industries & Businesses We Work With

In addition to the core industries listed above, we also provide our services to a large variety of other businesses who utilize liquor licenses. Some of the additional business types that we can assist include:

  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Bowling alleys
  • Florist and gift baskets
  • Barber and beauty salon
  • Nail salon
  • Marinas and boats
  • Hotel and motels
  • Airplanes
  • Golf courses
  • Country clubs
  • Beach/ cabana club
  • Coffee Shops

Beverage License Specialists Have been Helping Businesses with Their Liquor Licenses for Over 34 years

Beverage License Specialists is a well-established and well-known beverage licensing company in Florida’s liquor licensing field. The licensing specialists in our company have provided service for more than 34 years. We have helped many restaurants, caterers, nightclubs, and liquor stores.

Our licensing experts are intimately familiar with the complicated requirements of Florida’s liquor licensing. We even know the latest changes in the regulations. With this experience and what sorts of costs to expect, we’ll guide you through the application process with precision.

Call us at 954-369-5858 for the assistance you need with Florida liquor licensing.

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