How Much Does a Florida Liquor License Cost?

For those planning to open their own business or establishment that sells alcohol, it’s important to know how much a liquor license in Florida is going to cost you. Knowing how to get a liquor license is only half the battle; you also need to be sure that you have the proper fees available to pay for the application process. Learning about these costs in advance is the best way to budget for your license.

How Much Does a Liquor License Cost in Florida?

Whether you want to serve alcohol in your restaurant or plan to open a beach bar, understanding how to get a liquor license is vital. Despite Florida not being among the 17 alcohol control states, the process of obtaining a liquor license can be lengthy.

The cost of a liquor license in Florida depends on the type of liquor you intend to distribute or sell. The cost also varies with the number of available liquor licenses and the county where you plan to operate your business.

Florida’s annual liquor license fee ranges between $14 and $1,828. The amount depends on the type of license you prefer and a business’s location. In counties with populations over 100,000, liquor store owners pay an annual consumption on-premises license of $1,820.

Other non-county-related licensing requirements range from $25 to $4,000. For example, spirituous liquor distillers and wine, beer, and liquor distributors must pay $4,000 per branch or store.

The quota license application fee totals $100 per application. You’ll have to pay a quarter of the permanent license cost for a temporary permit.

Varying Fees For Florida Liquor Licenses

The answer to “how much does a liquor license cost in Florida” depends upon what type of license you are in need of, or qualify for. The prices of Quota Liquor Licenses vary per county and are purely and simply a function of the existing supply and demand within the county. If you are unsure about the type of license you need, contact a liquor licensing specialist for guidance and support.

The Different Beer and Wine Licenses Available

There are several possible license types if you are interested in selling beer and wine. The specific annual license fees assessed by the state depend entirely on the population of the county you are seeking to operate.

In general:

  • 1APS (Beer Packages Sales) – between $20 and $100, plus 40 percent of the fee
  • 1COP (Beer Consumption on Premise) – between $40 and $200, plus 40 percent of the fee
  • 2APS (Beer and Wine Package Sales) – between $60 and $140, plus 40 percent of the fee
  • 2COP (Beer and Wine Consumption on Premise) – between $120 and $280, plus 40 percent of the fee

The Cost of Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licenses

As with beer and wine licenses, each one of the beer, wine, and liquor licenses annual license fees are also based on population size in the county. In general, you can expect to pay:

  • Beer, Wine, and Liquor Package Sales – 3PS licenses are $1,365; 3APS licenses are $1,170; 3BPS licenses are $975; 3CPS licenses are $643.50; and 3DPS licenses are $468
  • Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption on Premise – 4COP licenses are $1,820; 5COP licenses are $1,560; 6COP licenses are $1,300; 7COP licenses are $858; and 8COP licenses are $624

How Much Are Liquor Licenses for Clubs and Special Businesses?

There are additional special licenses made available by the state to those who operate or own clubs and other specific organizations that qualify for liquor licenses for specific purposes. The annual license fees for these are as follows:

  • Lodges/Club License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (11C) – $400
  • Special Club License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (11CS) – $1,750
  • American Legion Club License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (11AL) – $500
  • Performance Arts License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (11PA) – $400
  • Private Golf Clubs Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (11CG) – $400
  • Caterer License for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Consumption (13CT) – $1,820

Business owners and entrepreneurs need to know what to expect when it comes to liquor license fees and costs in Florida. Learning this information early on in your development process is ideal so that you can incorporate liquor license pricing in your business plan.

What are the Main Types of Liquor licenses in Florida?

Determining how much is a liquor license in Florida is complex. Multiple liquor licenses are required to establish and operate an alcohol business in the sunshine state. Depending on your business, you may be required to purchase multiple different types of liquor licenses. For example, a liquor seller and distributor requires separate licenses for both selling and distribution.

The main types of liquor licenses include:

SRS Restaurant License

An SRS restaurant license is a special license for restaurants that is available throughout the year.

Applicants must show that 51% or more of their sales are food. Additionally, the premise must meet the seating capacity and size limit requirements of the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing.

Quota License

The quota license is a unique liquor license allowing liquor store owners to sell liquor, beer, and wine. It may be acquired as a single permit or in addition to other licenses.

Beer and Wine License

The beer and wine limited liquor license permits the sale of only beer and wine. It can be used for consumption on-premises or sealed for package sales. Liquor store owners can apply for this license directly from the Florida ABT.

Miscellaneous Licenses

Several miscellaneous liquor licenses exist in Florida, which may cost up to $100. These licenses include:

  • Off-premises storage permits (OPS)
  • Sacramental wine permits (SWP)
  • State-bonded warehouse permits (SBW)

How to Register for a Florida Liquor License

The ABT, a division in the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, gives liquor licenses in Florida. While the ABT provides information about the cost of a liquor license in Florida, knowing the registration process can make it more efficient.

Liquor store owners also need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You must register your business with the state of Florida and the federal government before getting a liquor license.

Having all the necessary licensing before opening your liquor business sets your business for success. Failure to comply can risk hefty penalties and business closure.

Still wondering how to register for a liquor license in Broward county? You should be cautious of the jurisdiction you plan to start your business, as not all Florida counties permit the liquor business. Once the ABT clears you, you can start your Florida liquor business.

New Florida Liquor License Application Process

Many aspiring liquor entrepreneurs are unsure how much a liquor license in Florida is. The new liquor license application process can help you determine the cost of your liquor license in Florida.

Complete Application

Firstly, complete the application with the following information:

  • Citizenship status
  • Description of the premises
  • Any felony convictions or alcohol-related convictions in the last five years
  • Names and contact information for all business owners

District Office Review

Once you fill out the application, you must wait for the application’s assessment and response from the district office review.

On-site Inspection

An on-site inspection is the last step before you get your liquor license. The state physically inspects your business location and premise to ensure you comply with all necessary regulations.

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Source: Florida’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

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