About Us



For over 30 years, Beverage License Specialists, a Florida based licensed brokerage firm, has a proud reputation for being able to assist our customers and clients with purchases, sales, processing, and financing Florida Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. We recognize that in addition to the financial aspects of alcoholic beverage licensing, Personalized Service, Experience and Communication are the key ingredients to our success.

Beverage License Specialists' experts are skilled and professional, working seamlessly with you or your staff to reduce administrative costs and to save valuable time Beverage License Specialists experts look forward to serving you buy or sell a Florida liquor license.

One of our managing partners, Barry Rosayn, is a member of the National Association of Licensing & Compliance Professionals (NALCP).

Beverage License Specialists' team is available to assist you navigate through statutory and regulatory rules and requirements. Minimize costly delay to buy or sell a Florida liquor license. Experts will perform a myriad of tasks involving licensing, auditing and enforcement.

Give us a call or e-mail us today with your information. You will be glad you did!