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If you’re thinking of opening a new business or relocating to Leon County Florida and you plan on selling alcohol, this handy guide can help you navigate the Leon County Florida Liquor License process. Even if you’re already in Leon County Florida, but plan on expanding your services, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success before you even start the application process. There are some important things to know that can help the start-up phase run smoothly.

Beginning the Liquor License Application Process in Putnam County

Each municipal jurisdiction (cities and counties) within Florida may have their own specific liquor license regulations and requirements which may necessitate additional applications being filed within the municipality having jurisdiction over your intended location. As you begin the application process, you’ll need several forms of documentation to obtain a liquor license. These forms are consistent on the state level, so they will work for each county that you are seeking to operate. Before starting an application, make sure you have the following pieces of documentation:

  • Full-service bars and restaurants
  • Packaged beer and wine for off-premises consumption
  • Consumption on-premises for beer and wine only
  • Caterers
  • Culinary education programs
  • Hotels and motels
  • Transportation establishments such as railroads, boats, buses, airplanes or other passenger vessels
  • Event centers and performing arts facilities
  • Lodges, fraternal order groups, athletic clubs and golf clubs
  • Specialty and temporary permits

One of the largest revenue generators for any restaurant, event space, or store is their liquor and alcohol sales. To ensure your business is legally allowed to serve alcoholic beverages, you’ll need some type of alcoholic beverage license. A Putnam County Florida liquor license will allow you to offer an essential part of your menu or inventory while complying with local and state laws.

Starting the Licensing Process

Putnam County Florida encompasses several municipalities, each of which may add their own requirements and regulations to state laws regarding the use and issuance of alcoholic beverage licenses. So, it’s essential to know which county or municipality that you wish to operate.

To apply, you’ll also need to gather some necessary documentation:

  • Completed application form
  • Contracts of management
  • Fingerprints
  • Health or H&R approval for on-premise consumption
  • Related party personal information
  • Revenue approval
  • Right of occupancy
  • Floorplan sketch of the location

Having these documents at the ready decreases turnaround time, allowing you to begin selling alcohol sooner. If you’re unsure of how to procure these documents, do not hesitate to reach out to Beverage License Specialists. Our team can review the essential information to help ensure you’re in the best spot to receive your license.

Types of Liquor Licenses in Florida

There are a variety of licenses available for your business, and while some are similar, there may be different names based on your county’s population. For example, the 3APS, 3BPS, 3PS, and 3CPS all allow for the same type of package sales, but their annual fees and which one you’ll need to apply for depends on the specific county you are looking to operate in. Similarly, a 4COP, 5COP, 6COP & 7COP all allow for the same type of consumption on-premise sales but likewise, have different annual fees and are dependent upon the county you will be operating in.

For a comprehensive license that allows your business to sell beer, liquor, and wine for off-premises consumption, you’ll need at least one of several Quota-class licenses. Each of these licenses requires you to comply with many regulations, such as selling alcohol during regular business hours for at least eight hours a day for a period of at least 210 days:

  • 3PS
    • Counties: Putnam and St. Johns
    • Fee: $1365

If you are a full bar or restaurant and need a broad license to sell beer, liquor, and wine (either by the glass or in sealed containers) for consumption either on or off the premises, you’ll need to apply for one of the following licenses:

  • 4COP
    • Counties: Putnam and St. Johns
    • Fee: $1820

Beverage License Specialists Can Help

If the variety of license names, permissions, and costs has your head spinning, do not despair. Beverage License Specialists is here to help you throughout this process. Our knowledgeable staff knows the liquor license process inside and out.

To help businesses follow state and local rules and regulations, we offer a wide variety of services:

  • Consulting on the liquor license process and providing guidance based on our unique understanding of government processes, rules, and codes.
  • Financing liquor licenses for businesses that require financial assistance in completing the purchase of their license.
  • Helping individuals and companies who only require a beer and wine license for their restaurant, convenience store, or bar.
  • Working with your business should you choose to purchase or sell a liquor license to ensure there are no additional obligations or regulatory issues.

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