Financing A Florida Liquor License


Many business owners and entrepreneurs often find themselves short on funds or wish instead to finance the acquisition of a liquor license and have the business pay for it over time. Florida quota liquor licenses can be financed and pledged as collateral for a loan.

This means you can obtain money to be able to acquire your liquor license, finance using your quota liquor license to free up capital for business improvements, upgrades, or as a way of consolidating other business debt. The key to successfully obtaining the cash you need is having documentation correctly prepared and finding the right lender. This is where a professional can help.

Financing Options

When you are looking for liquor license financing, you have these options:

  • Using the collateral of the license for the purchase of a Florida quota liquor license.
  • Obtaining a business loan using your Florida quota liquor license to free up additional capital.

When Should You Finance Your Liquor License?

There are a few scenarios in which Florida liquor license financing is the best option. If you are short on capital and are already operating an establishment where the sale of alcohol could boost your revenue, financing for your liquor license could be the best option.

Business owners hoping to open a restaurant or bar may find themselves short on cash by the end of construction. Short or long-term loans and financing options can help in this situation as well.

You can also use the collateral of your license to obtain extra capital should a need arise. This can be used for just about everything from remodeling and debt consolidation to investing in new marketing initiatives.

Successfully Completing the Process

Obtaining financing for a Florida liquor license can be complex. First, you need to figure out what type of financing is best for you. Next, you have to find a reputable lender who is willing to finance a liquor license at competitive rates. This where Beverage License Specialists can help you.


How Beverage License Specialists Can Help

Each one of our employees is skilled, experienced, and driven to give you the best customer service possible. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and always acting with integrity; pairing you with lenders that can provide you the best liquor license loans at the very best rates.

Beverage License Specialists has been operating for over 30 years and still has a loyal customer base. This is because we stay current on the best financing strategies and are able to provide the best rates and terms possible.

If you are looking for the solution to your Florida liquor licensing financing questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact Beverage License Specialists today. Our friendly representatives are happy to answer your questions, providing you with any additional information you need.

You are also free to book a consultation to find out which one of our financing options is best for your business endeavors. Our team has contacts with the top financiers in the industry, and we can help facilitate the closing of a loan in as little as seven days. Customers looking for financing solutions need to look no further than Beverage License Specialists.


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