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When you need a liquor license for Indian River County FL, Beverage License Specialists can provide the guidance you need to complete the application process and obtain your liquor license successfully. Before opening a new establishment in the area, read on for comprehensive information about the liquor license procedures in this part of Florida.

Understanding the Florida License Categories

Alcoholic beverage licenses are administered by the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The specific license category varies depending on whether you will be selling packaged beer, wine and/or spirits for consumption off-premises, providing either beer and wine, or a fully-stocked bar for on-premise consumption. Our team can help determine the appropriate type of Florida Alcoholic Beverage License for your business.

Starting Your Liquor License Application

The placement and usage of a Liquor license at a location must be initially approved at the municipal level. So, in this case, it will be Indian River County (Sebastian/Vero Beach)

Next, complete the state liquor license application. This process can often be initiated online and requires extensive supporting documentation, including:

  • Health Department approval for alcohol consumption on the business premises
  • Approval by the Florida Dept. of Revenue
  • Personal information & fingerprints for all interested parties
  • Right of Occupancy (copy of lease or deed) Management contracts
  • Floor plan sketch
  • Municipal zoning approval for the type of alcoholic beverage license being sought
  • 3PS Annual Fee of $1,365
  • 4 COP Annual License Fee of $1,820

Reviewing Fees and Quotas

Fees vary by the specific type of license you need, ranging from $140 for off-premise beer sales to $1,820 for a fully-stocked bar with onsite consumption. There is a limited supply of Quota Liquor licenses based upon the population in the county. However, locations that prepare and serve food can apply for a separate food service license which is not covered under this quota system and is available in an infinite number for qualifying businesses. We can help you apply for either a quota or non-quota license, including the required zoning approval for Indian River County.

Awaiting Approval

The office in your district will review your application once they have received all the required documentation along with your fee. They may also schedule an onsite inspection to make sure your establishment complies with state beverage laws.

Indian River County FL

Working With Beverage License Specialists

When you need to navigate the liquor license process for your Indian River County business, Beverage License Specialists will serve as your trusted partner.

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