What is a 3PS Quota Liquor License and how to get one?

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What is a 3PS Quota Liquor License l Beverage License Specialists

The Difference Between Florida 4COP and 3PS Quota Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

The process of acquiring a Quota Liquor License in Florida can be confusing, especially when you consider how similar the different types of liquor licenses are. For example, a 4COP Quota Liquor License and 3PS Quota Liquor License are very similar in a lot of ways but differ in one key element. In Florida, the 4COP Liquor License grants a Licensee the ability to sell beer, wine, and spirits for either consumption on-premise or by the sale of sealed packages of beer, wine, and liquor for off-premises consumption, without the requirement of food sales. These 4COP Liquor Licenses are generally held by bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or other establishments that wish to serve full alcohol on-premises. Whereas subject to the population in a given county, the 3PS, 3APS, 3BPS, 3CPS & 3DPS quota Liquor License covers only the sale of beer, wine, and full spirits in sealed containers for consumption exclusively off-premises.

What Businesses Need a 3PS Quota Liquor License in Florida?

If you’re planning to open a storefront that will involve alcohol sales of sealed packaged containers, such as a retail package liquor store, then you will need a Florida quota, series 3PS, 3APS, 3BPS, 3CPS OR 3DPS Liquor License in order to allow sales on your premises. As mentioned previously, the Florida 3PS licenses are used for the sale of packaged beer, wine, and liquor that is intended to be consumed off-premises; so, if you’re planning to open a nightclub or a bar/restaurant, then you’ll not want to look into the 3PS Quota Liquor License any further. This type of Florida liquor license doesn’t allow for the sale of any open containers of beer, wine, or liquor.

Florida 3PS liquor licenses are issued to stores that sell beer, wine, and full liquor. The Florida 3PS liquor license permits the holder to sell all varieties of alcohol in sealed packaging that are permitted to be sold in Florida. Unlike the other types of Florida COP licenses, like the 4COP, the Florida 3PS license is designated as an off-premises license, and beer, wine, or full liquor will not be eligible for on-premises consumption.

Do I Need a 3PS Quota Liquor License for my Business?

If you feel that your business may require a Florida 3PS Liquor License, then you have come to the right place! If you’re planning on opening a retail package liquor store, then you’ll likely need help navigating the ins and outs of the Florida Quota Liquor License process.

Our experienced team here at Beverage License Specialists can help you obtain a Florida Quota 3PS Liquor License, no matter which county in Florida that you’re planning to launch your business. We can provide both consultations during the quota liquor license lottery application process through the DBPR, and assistance in brokering the purchase or sale of your Florida 3PS Quota License on the open market.

The Importance of Partnering with a Professional

Put your trust in Beverage License Specialists. Our experienced and dedicated team is here to make this process streamlined for you. There’s no one that understands the 3PS Liquor License process in Florida better than Beverage License Specialists. Acquiring or selling a Florida Quota Liquor License is a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders to navigate the murky waters. Let Beverage License Specialists make it easier for you. If you’re interested in learning about quota licenses and what the process entails for your particular case, then Contact Us today and learn more about all the ways we can simplify this process for you and your business.

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