How Do I Buy A Miami Liquor License?

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Beverage License Specialists’ experienced and friendly team will assist you to identify the specific type of Florida liquor license you will need to operate your establishment within Florida. An exhaustive search of all available public records will be diligently pursued to make sure that the liquor license you seek to acquire for your Miami establishment is current and in good standing with no impediments to its transfer.


All Florida liquor license liens or encumbrances which are discovered to exist are fully identified to you prior to closing so that the Florida liquor license you purchase is able to be transferred to you without debt or encumbrance, impediments or derogatory regulatory issues. CONTACT US to speak with one of Beverage License Specialists’ experts about acquiring a Florida liquor license for your business.

How Do I Buy A Liquor License in Miami?

Buying a liquor license in Miami-Dade County is a process that we have the expertise with and can be of great help & assistance.Depending upon the style of license needed and requirements for operation, some licenses can be obtained directly from the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco while others would require a purchase in the marketplace from an existing licensee. When purchasinga liquor license for use in Miami-Dade, it is important to remember that you can get aliquor license loanto assist with funding the purchase of the license. Here we provide a step by step process of the services we provide:


    1. Secure zoning approval from the applicable governmental authority.
    2. If applicable assist with obtaining health department approval from either the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, County Health Department or Dept. of Agriculture
    3. Coordinate fingerprinting of the required individuals qualifying for the license.
    4. Register your business name and secure local operational permits
    5. Prepare the Liquor License Application and exhibits
    6. Process your application with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacc0:

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