Special Event Alcohol License Florida

Obtaining a special event beverage license in Florida may seem daunting at first. Unlike other beverage licenses, they are granted by the state for a small fee. The forms can be confusing and it may not be clear which sections are required for the different licenses available.

Before you apply, you should determine the kind of license your event requires. Next, you can collect the necessary paperwork, submit an application for the license, and then get approved to legally sell alcohol at an event for up to 3 days.

The application process will vary slightly between different events, but they use the same form and require careful reading. This article will explain the process of obtaining either a One, Two, or Three-Day Permit for Non-Profit Civic Organizations.

Limited Florida Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

The first step to obtaining any Florida liquor license is to make sure you are obtaining the right kind of license for your situation. Within the limited license category, there are a few options:

  • One, Two or Three-Day Permit for Non-Profit Civic Organizations
  • Temporary Extension of Premises

These permits require applicants to submit a completed application to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The fees are $25 for the One, Two or Three-Day permit and $100 for the temporary extension of premises. Let’s look at the steps needed for getting either of these two permit options.


Special Events Liquor Licenses

The One, Two or Three-Day Permit Non-Profit Organizations utilizes form DBPR ABT- 6003. The One, Two or Three- Day permit is only issued to a Non-Profit organization. Applicants for a Non-Profit may include any bona-fide civic organization or an entity registered with the Florida Division of Corporations as non-profit or that as a 501c3. In general, organizations can receive up to 3 permits per year, but this number may be higher in some cities.

The Temporary Extension of Premises may only be applied for by existing licensees licensed as such with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco to extend their alcoholic beverage license outside of their licensed premises for “a particular event”.

Gather Required Documents for the Application

Along with your application, six documents are required for processing your Florida alcohol license. Obtaining these documents makes up the bulk of the work necessary when applying for a special events license to serve alcoholic beverages.

Zoning Approval

If you plan to use a One, Two or Three-Day Permit, you must obtain zoning approval to legally hold the event. The local zoning board will grant this permit and ensure that your event meets legal requirements. Bringing a copy of the completed contract with the venue where you plan to hold this event is often helpful for getting approval, but requirements will vary by location. Once you have zoning approval, you have 180 days to submit your beverage license application. That gives you ample time to plan ahead and prepare for an event.

Proof of Legal Registration

Registration of your organization as either a non-profit or a legal entity is also necessary since the license will be granted to this organization. If it isn’t already registered with the Florida Department of State, make sure to register before you submit the application, because the application will not be considered without all of this paperwork.

Event Space Diagram

Another requirement for the license application is a sketch of the floor plan for the event space. The sketch should be neat and include a plan of how the area will be set up while the event is taking place. If there are outside areas involved, those should be included as well. If you plan to use multiple stories in a building, include a sketch for each building floor. Otherwise, the diagram should only include the enclosed area or room that will host the event.

Certification of Sales Tax

This certification needs to be completed in person at the Florida Department of Revenue, so take your form to the nearest taxpayer location. Once this step has been completed, you may have up to 90 days to submit your application, so be sure to time your visit accordingly. The certification is only valid for either 30 or up to 90 days at the discretion of the Dept. of Revenue.

Affidavit of Application

A notary should be present when an officer level member of your organization completes this section by reading and signing the form that signals an understanding of what the permit allows. A licensing agency can help connect you to a public notary.

Submit Your Application to the ABT

When you submit your application, make sure all the paperwork is filled out and contains the correct information. Besides ensuring that your event meets all legal requirements for serving alcohol, this is the most vital part of the process. Meticulous attention to detail can prevent frustrating rejections based on an omission or mistake and helps keep everything on track for your event to take place. Every applicable section should be complete when you bring the forms into the ABT for approval. Along with the application, you also need your check for either the $25 fee for the One, Two or Three-Day permit or $100.00 for the temporary extension of premises. The check should be made out to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

Liquor/Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Licensing brokerage firms serve an important purpose while you are seeking a liquor license. They can help you navigate the intense paperwork required by the state for safety reasons. Between zoning approval, registering as a legal entity, and other requirements, the forms can quickly become challenging to complete. However, a licensing expert is prepared to meet all the requirements put forth by the state of Florida for obtaining a special event license. Informed and skilled staff will prepare paperwork and ensure that it meets all requirements before submitting it. Incorrectly filed paperwork can delay issuance of the license and ruin plans, so be prepared and contact a licensing agency early. When you get help from experts, you can be sure that your license will be approved in time for the event to be a success.

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